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Welcome to the new "new player" area for the San Francisco Resistance team.

Ingress is a location-based game of capture-the-flag played on smartphones. We explore the real world around us, and compete over real landmarks against the other team. This competition, can be very active, social, and even educational! To succeed at Ingress, we have to interact in the real world.

Ingress can take you to many hidden places, neighborhood gems, interesting art, history, and landmarks; you can do this all on your own. However, Ingress is, at heart, a cooperative and social game. Your teammates will gladly help you become a stronger and smarter player. Reach out to them, and don't be surprised if we contact you via the in-game communications system if we see a new player in the neighborhood. We want to see you succeed and have fun!

Contacting your teammates

The in-game COMM system is useful for contacting players when we don't have better ways to chat. It's the first thing you'll use. If you have questions, ask in the "Faction" tab of the COMM system. You can send (publicly visible) messages to specify players by long-pressing on their agent name, or by tagging them in your message with an '@' sign. That said, we don't use the in game COMM system for much, it's cumbersome and insecure. Once you reach your teammates through COMM, we'll help you get into the real chat areas.

Having problems reaching us? Try Google Hangouts Help (in particular, accepting hangout invitations)

How do I play?

Here are some links that you may find useful: