"How Do I Walk?" If you're here, you're looking for tips on playing the game. Please check out the very excellent #smurflinglessons infographics series here.

The San Francisco Bay Area is filled with experienced players eager to help you out. If you have questions, you can always shout out on Faction COMM inside the application. You can send (publicly visible) messages to specific players by long-pressing on their agent name or by tagging them in your message with an '@' sign.

The Ingress COMM is often cumbersome to use and is known to have been infiltrated by Enlightened agents using multiple accounts. (Don't do this -- it's against the Ingress Community Guidelines!) So, almost all of the sensitive communication and coordination happens through G+ Communities and Google Hangouts. One of the first things an experienced agent will do is try to connect with you through one of these channels.

Here are some links that you may find useful: