Welcome to the Resistance!

If you're new to the game, please check out these links for new players.

List of SF Bay Area Resistance Communities

This page serves as a directory and gateway to the various Bay Area Resistance communities. These communities are private, so you'll need to request an invite to join. The individual communities are responsible for managing the invitation and vetting process.

Other Methods of Contact

If you need help and are unable to connect with us through one of the above communities, try reaching out on Faction COMM. You should be aware that Faction COMM is considered to be insecure and no sensitive information will or should be shared there.

Several of our community coordinators have contact email addresses for players who prefer to connect via email.

The East Bay has a contact account on Facebook if you would prefer to reach them that way.

About this site

This site is run by the Bay Area Resistance player communities and is not officially affiliated with Ingress, Niantic Labs, or Google.

Please file an issue if you have any questions or feedback about this website.